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Sage Creek at Moab

After the 2008 crisis and subsequent loss of businesses, Aston would try numerous other business ventures most of them unsuccessful until 2013 When he began earnestly developing real estate in Utah. During those incipient years Aston developed luxury residential housing, self-storage, and a luxury resort condominium project known as Sage Creek at Moab. Sage Creek at Moab would end up being the highest grossing resort project in southern Utah with a valuation of over $114 million dollars in 2020. The project was halfway completed in 2020, when Aston encountered turbulence with a partnership resulting in litigation initiated by Aston.

Construction financing for the project was extended by private debt fund Broadmark Realty Capital, who ended up lending $28 Million to complete the first phases of the project prior to 2020. When Aston initiated litigation against former partner Kent Milligan for breach of fiduciary responsibilities to the company and embezzlement, financing was impacted negatively, dissolving subsequent rounds of construction financing Aston had lined up, pushing the project into foreclosure.

Aston and other partners made multiple offers to purchase the project from Broadmark Realty Capital for the full note balance with interest (also the credit bid at trustees’ sale) But BRMK insisted on Aston and partners paying more than $5 million more than they initially agreed. Frustrated and deal fatigued after over a year of negotiating, Aston terminated the offer.

Broadmark would end up selling the project at a loss, and for $6 Million lower than what Aston had offered. Litigation is still active in 2023 with regards to the project between Aston and Broadmark, as well as Aston and former partner Kent Milligan. Aston and affiliated parties have active legal action against BRMK (recently acquired by Ready Capital) for Fraud in the Inducement, Conversion/Theft and Breach of Fiduciary Responsibilities. Aston also experienced his second long term relationship failure, having been engaged to AnaLisa “Anny” Christensen. Their family partnership began in 2009, and ended in August 2022., Aston & Christensen never married, but raised one Daughter together, in addition to Astons four biological children.

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