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Wayne M. Aston

entrepreneur | Philathropist
Master Land Developer | Proud Father

Hi, I’m Wayne Aston. Join me on my socials to stay up to date on my exciting business ventures. Let’s connect, collaborate, and create something amazing together.
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Pinnacle Tile

Aston went on to form dozens of other companies. Many of them never made revenues before unwinding them. Other companies made significant revenues. As a serial entrepreneur, Aston was open to trying anything, including network marketing, window washing, power washing vehicles, window tinting, buying and selling used tires and tier casings, selling credit card processing for marijuana dispensaries and always loved real estate and real estate investing.

In 2004, tired of working as a subcontractor in the Tile & Stone industry, Aston made the leap into the financial sector making introductions for private financing and assisting builders and developers to finance their projects. Aston quickly became successful charging success fees and consulting fees for his advisory services.

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