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Wayne M. Aston

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Celerity Investments

In 2006, he Founded the boutique investment firm Celerity Investments and real estate brokerage Celeritas Realty with over 40 licensed agents trained specifically in real estate investment modalities. Celerity Investments featured five REG D 506, private placement offerings and Aston with partners raised several million dollars in 2007 and 2008 through these private offerings. In 2008 Celerity Investments and Celeritas Realty would both collapse in the undercurrent of the unprecedented mortgage crisis of 2008. All of the funds that Aston managed would also collapse, resulting in a complete loss of investor capital. Reporters have expressed their limited perspective views online regarding the outcome of Celerity investments and Celeritas Realty with negative light during 2008 and 2009.

At the helm of Celerity investments, Aston would invest in multiple sponsorships including offshore Super Series, Chef Dance and Sundance events in Park City, Utah, a Super Bowl fundraiser in Glendale, Arizona, in 2008, as well as a special event at the Kentucky Derby in 2008, hosting celebrities including Jenny McCarthy, John Travolta, Marshall Faulk, Evander Holyfield & UFC champion Matt Hughes. The 2008 mortgage crisis collapsed all of Aston’s business enterprises, resulting in a total loss financially including personal homes and vehicles, which would also result in divorce in 2009, which finalized Aston’s marriage to Emily LeFevre Aston, which began in December of 1996.

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