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American Spec Industries

Aston founded American Spec Industries (ASI), with two partners, (Mark Abney and Gerald Hinckley) which is a clean tech waste conversion company that can process solid municipal waste into superior lumber products. ASI is specifically focused on replacing chemically treated wood products used to construct elements of critical national infrastructure, like railroad crossties, utility poles, marine pilings and foundations. The advanced lumber product that ASI will manufacture is environmentally friendly, carbon negative, mold proof, waterproof, fireproof, it can be cut with traditional tools, yet it has the spanning and tensile strength of steel. It is far superior to any chemically treated wood product with a lifespan of nearly five times that of traditional chemically treated wood ties or utility poles.

ASI has designed a production facility, which has been designed to occupy nearly 100 acres of the Valley Forge Impact Park in Fillmore, where it will construct its flagship production facility and materials reclamation facility with production capacity exceeding 10,000 rail ties per day, whilst consuming over 500,000 tons of solid waste annually. Key Performance Indicators for ASI include; 1. Reduce Landfill Mass at scale, 2. Reduce Carbon Emissions from Landfills, and 3. Reduce deforestation, which has been common practice to produce these traditional lumber products for the past 100+ years in North America.

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