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Wayne M. Aston

entrepreneur | Philathropist
Master Land Developer | Proud Father

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Serial Entrepreneur
Master Land Developer
Proud father

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Meet Wayne M. Aston

I am a hard charging, perpetually optimistic business and family man. I am the King of Silver Linings, I am an Entrepreneur to the core, and I LOVE life. I own a portfolio of Companies and my most valuable assets are my relationships. I’ve survived and thrived through multiple apocalypse events and I am living proof that with enough determination, discipline and the will to never surrender, anything is possible. I Love people, and I want folks to experience life like I do, seeing everything as a miracle. I give my Glory to God, he is my number one fan and life partner.

I am a philanthropic Altruist, and my mission in life is to create high value opportunities that positively impact the lives of the individuals and families in my orbit. I am also committed to leaving a legacy impact on our environment on planet Earth, we must leave it better than we found it.

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Entrepreneur Career

Over the past 27 years I have come up through the School of Hard Knocks. I have founded dozens of businesses and a few of them have made Millions of Dollars along the way. I’ve never had a trust fund or a rich uncle to give me a handout, I’ve kicked and punched and clawed my way to the top and I’ve got all of the scars to prove it. I absolutely LOVE what I do and I am addicted to results. I LOVE Humans, and I’ll look you in the eye and hug you the day I meet you because I value authentic connections, not the typical transactional, money driven bullshit. Land Development is one of my true passions and with my development projects I am able to fulfil my life mission effectively creating jobs, improving lives, building amazing places, and developing renewable energy for the future of this planet.

2023 - Present

Dragon Wise

In 2023 Aston Co-Founded Dragon Wise Development Ventures, with partner Julie “Jema” Harman. Together the two provide development related consultation for emerging real estate developers and investors, focused on “Cap Stack Architecture”, raising private equity, and structuring commercial... read more
2022 - Present

Invictus Sovereign

In 2022, Aston Founded Invictus Sovereign, with Co-Founder and veteran fund manager Ryan Miller and six other seasoned General Partners which is a cutting-edge boutique investment firm. To date, the Firm has developed two REG D 506(c) private placement offerings with $500 Million target AUM... read more
2021 - Present

Valley Forge Impact Parks

In 2021 Aston made the decision to focus in greener pastures in order to create a new opportunity with a clean slate and clean energy and purchase land in Fillmore, Utah located on the I-15 corridor in central Utah. The project known as the Valley Forge impact Park (VFIP) consists of 307 acres of land and is expanding... read more
2022 - Present

American Spec Industries

Aston founded American Spec Industries (ASI), with two partners, (Mark Abney and Gerald Hinckley) which is a clean tech waste conversion company that can process solid municipal waste into superior lumber products. ASI is specifically focused on replacing chemically treated wood products used to construct... read more
2015 - 2021

Sage Creek at Moab

After the 2008 crisis and subsequent loss of businesses, Aston would try numerous other business ventures most of them unsuccessful until 2013 When he began earnestly developing real estate in Utah. During those incipient years Aston developed luxury residential housing, self-storage, and a luxury resort... read more
2006 - 2008

Celerity Investments

In 2006, he Founded the boutique investment firm Celerity Investments and real estate brokerage Celeritas Realty with over 40 licensed agents trained specifically in real estate investment modalities. Celerity Investments featured five REG D 506, private placement offerings and Aston with partners raised... read more
1997 - 2005

Pinnacle Tile

The first business Aston founded and operated was Pinnacle Tile, where he became a Utah licensed specialized sub-contractor, as a stone and tile installer. He built this company to over half a million in annual revenues with 18 employees before he closed the business nearly 10 years later at the age of 31... read more

Aston Inc. Podcast

The Serial Entrepreneurs ruthless pursuit of Personal Expansion, Tactical Success, Limitless Mindset, Manifesting the Impossible and making Legacy Impact on Humanity. *New episodes every Tuesday & Thursday @ 6AM (MST).


Ernie Harker interviews me on the Hyperactive Productivity Disorder podcast. Learn about my drive to maximize the talents and tools that God has given me and learn about the journey I took to clarify my purpose.

Philanthropy Focus

I have a big heart, I have experienced pain and suffering in my own life and my battle with my own depression as well as my loved ones over the years has be tough. I have walked through the valley of shadows and death in my addictions and experienced real losses, the kind most will never have to endure. I feel called to live this life and experience these things in order that I can more effectively help others. iI takes real perspective to meet someone in their darkest days and actually connect with them. I have supported many charitable organizations in their efforts to end human trafficking, pornography, child and women abuse, and end suicide. I have recently co-founded my own 501c3 non profit organization, called the Divine Providence Foundation. I hope you’ll join me in my commitment to end sucide in our veteran and teen communities, developing solutions for depression, alcohol and drug abuse, domestic violence and related global issues.

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